Raw Nerves
Raw Nerves hope stories

mipoet Insomniac
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I am an exposed nerve.

Raw Nerves

I am an exposed nerve. A hypersensitive person. Rattled by the slightest look, I wish I could turn it off.

I over analyze everything, playing back conversations, over and over in my head, I would make it go away.

I question myself always. Doubting who I am, and wondering what I want. I want it to leave me for good.

Self loathing constantly, hate me, my thoughts, all of the time. I can’t stand it any more.

Despair overtakes, dread multiplied each day, not ever going away. I now say never again.

I am getting stronger, and my demons not. They are losing nerve. I can win this night.

Stronger still, I resist, the devils burn before me, fleeing my fury, they run I know I will win this fight.

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