Oceanus (Part 8)
Oceanus (Part 8) science fiction stories

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Part 8

Oceanus (Part 8)

From where she stood the vessel was nothing but a flat rectangular deck with no features other than the small railing, and a round hatch at the center.

Suspecting the thing would submerge soon, and seeing no other options, she ran to it. Grabbing it with both hands she tried to spin it open but it wouldn’t budge.

“Damnit” she cursed at the thing just as she felt the sub start to lurch downward.

Water splashed at the sides of the deck for a brief second before racing across both sides to meet in the center. Where she stood was nearly 6 inches underwater in just a few seconds.

Not knowing why, angry at her lack of options, she yanked the rifle from her back and pointed it at the hatch, simultaneously squeezing the trigger.

The Saber Mark III was one of the most advanced weapons in the human arsenal.

It fired super heated plasma with a virtually limitless ammunition supply, was entirely waterproof, and unlike typical bullets, it’s projectiles could maintain significant speed under water.

The technology used for it, like most of the human technology, had been recovered from the colony ship.

Most people couldn’t begin to comprehend how they worked, but that hadn’t kept anyone from being able to fire one and they’d been the logical choice of armament on the ocean world.

Ven watched as the shots hit the hatch of the ship and nothing happened.

The water, now up to her waist, was rising faster, and a few short seconds later she felt her feet come off the deck as the sub continued descending. Treading water, Ven looked around her.

All she could see was the the horizon in every direction, with the exception of the tail of her boat, which now stuck straight up out of the water and was slowly dropping below the surface.

At first she saw no sign of her crew, but as the last of the ship disappeared she saw the yellow life raft had been behind it.

Metrin and Colton sat onboard the raft while the others were treading water and holding the sides.

Ven hadn’t been impressed with the speed with which they abandoned the ship, but at least they had figured out a way to share the raft. She swam over towards them.

“Ven!” Metrin shouted when he saw her. Having gone off the other side of their boat, none of them had seen what happened to her, but they’d heard the sound of the rifle.

“Any idea what that was?” Metrin asked the question right as Ven reached up to grab hold of the side of the raft. “No idea.” Ven responded. “I got on it, but it submerged.

I’ve never seen a ship like that.”

“You got on it?!!” Colton interjected, eyes wide in awe.

“You assholes didn’t exactly leave me any room on here.” Metrin and Colton looked downward, trying to hide the ashamed look in their eyes. Ven rolled hers and shook her head.

“So what’s the plan?”

“I still have my radio. I tried to call for help, but there’s no response.” Colton finally looked up, scared.

“Do you think this is still part of training?” His eyes darted back and forth between Ven and Metrin.

“Probably.” Ven responded, “Doesn’t look like an Arzat ship to me.”

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