Oceanus (Part 15)
Oceanus (Part 15) action stories

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Oceanus (Part 15)

The village was more of a shanty town. With no electricity or running water. There was a central well, and it was surrounded by irrigated farm land.

The humans worked the land, but they only got a small portion of the crop. The rest was confiscated by the “masters.” Ven’s mind spit the word with venom.

For three hundred years humanity had been enslaved, tortured, even killed. They’d been denied reading and education, and the Arzat were content to be thought of as gods.

Most villagers new nothing about the millions of humans who now lived free of Arzat control. They, like Ven in her youth, were trapped in a more primitive age.

Ven and the rest of the human alliance would not rest until every last human was free of Arzat control,

a battle made harder because the Arzat were fundamentally convinced that they were superior to humans in every way.

They saw them as no more than insects, and refused any diplomatic overtures whatsoever. For that reason the inner workings of their society were still a secret.

Once at the village Ven looked for the home of the Arzat she would use as a disguise.

She hadn’t had time to ask how the alliance got such a detailed visual of this particular Arzat, but she figured that was a story in itself.

The house was obvious as it was the only modern structure in the village. It was near the center, lit up with artificial light and surrounded by Arzat guards.

Two with grey skin guarded the main gate, so Ven circled around the property where she found a second gate, also guarded, but by just one soldier, with tan colored skin and extra long hairs.

He was nearly three feet taller than her, and immeasurable stronger, but she had the element of surprise.

“Oh great master.” She said the words convincingly enough, though her insides recoiled. “May I provide you with anything to gain your favor?”

Having been completely under Arzat control it was not uncommon for humans to try and suck up to their masters in hopes of a better life.

“You leave now.” The hissing response came.

“But sir I...”

“LEAVE NOW!” The Arzat drew his weapon and trained it on her.

Ven mumbled only one word into her communicator, “Felix,” and almost instantly the Arzat’s head exploded sending a spray of green blood all around.

The shot had been silenced, but the sounds of the head exploding may have been heard. She quickly ran forward to the body, grabbing it and dragging it away from the door.

She then ducked around a corner just as the other two Arzat came around from the front side of the house.

She heard the hissing and barking of them trying to determine what had happened. There was blood everywhere but no body.

Seconds later there were two soft thuds, and two more bloody explosions. “Nice shooting buddy.”

“Thank you,” the mechanized voice came through her earbud.

After hiding the additional two bodies it was time to enter the residence. Ven decided that the back door would be best.

Her thermal scans picked up heat at the front of the house and she didn’t want to step in to an ambush.

She swiped the key off the guard who had been at the back and swiped it at the door before opening it as slowly and quietly as she could.

Felix had left his sniper position, and stood behind her. She turned around and motioned him to cover the front entrance. She didn’t want the target getting away.

Felix did as told, and Ven waited a moment before opening the door further.

She pulled up her gun and entered the room slowly. She’d never been in an Arzat building, but nothing prepared her for what she saw. The room had three humans in it.

One, writhing in agony, hanging from hooks in the ceiling, blood dripping around him.

Another lie in bed, an arm and leg both missing on her left side, the stumps both looked and smelled of infection, and she appeared unconscious, with labored breathing.

Lastly, was the worst. A young boy, also laying on a bed, knives sticking out of him and blood pooling around.

The sight nearly made her want to wretch, and when the man hanging from the hooks started to squirm at seeing her she motioned him to hush, before mouthing, “I’m sorry, I’ll be right back.”

With that she pulled herself together and moved towards the front of the dwelling. There she spotted the back if the Arzat’s head. He was sitting in a chair. Facing directly away from her.

That was lucky, but if he turned his head even slightly his side eyes would see her. She ducked behind a piece of furniture, a large couch looking thing, and quietly crept toward him.

Then she heard it. The sound that made her heart drop. A simple click. The sound of an Arzat weapon being armed.

“I sssmeeelllll you huuuman.” For a moment Ven was in a state of complete panic, but she quickly regained her composure.

Not seeing any other options, she stepped up and trained her weapon on the Arzat’s chest.

It made its Arzat form of laughter. “My guardsss will hearr. You will die.”

“Your guards are already dead.

” Ven pulled the trigger and a smattering of rounds went into the Arzat’s chest, dropping him to the floor, green blood oozing from the wounds, and his weapon clattering across the ground.

But he wasn’t dead. She walked over to him and he continued to glare at her with contempt.

“Those people,” Ven asked, “Why do you torture them? What have they done?” The thing simply glared and then spat at her.

“Fine.” She pointed the gun to his head. “Have it your way.” And she pulled the trigger.

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