Oceanus (Part 14)
Oceanus (Part 14) alien stories

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I hope you're enjoying this. It is a work in progress. I realize it will need some editing. Any feedback is welcomed!

Oceanus (Part 14)

The ships were a destroyer and a scout vessel. If they were lucky they would be far enough away before the ships got there. If they were unlucky, they’d be detected and most likely killed.

“How far out?” Ven asked command.

“Twenty minutes.”

“Copy.” Twenty minutes, that was enough time that they could get away. They turned towards the island and accelerated at maximum speed. With any luck, they’d be gone before the ships got there.

Ven wasn’t worried about the sonar or radar, her suit masked her signature and Felix had a similar masking technology. But the underwater camera’s would be able to see them if they got too close.

Another ten minutes went by and then command came back on. “The destroyer is approaching your position.”

“Wonderful,” Ven responded, “go radio silent.”

“Confirmed,” came the response. The radio channel was encrypted but Ven didn’t want to take any chances. She made sure her suit was black and Felix engaged his optical camouflage.

They ceased moving forward and began moving deeper in to the water. Ven positioned herself underneath Felix so that she would just look like distorted blackness.

They would have to wait while the ship passed overhead. She didn’t like it, but there was no other option.

They were a few miles from where the grand eel had been taken out, and she hoped the ship would just pass by.

They waited silently for a three minutes before Ven saw the dark black outline passing overhead. She held her breath without realizing it, and waited silently.

It took five minutes for the ship to fully pass and begin to move away, Ven thanked her lucky stars that it hadn’t stopped. After it was completely out of sight she and Felix resumed course.

“Yaeger to command,” Ven broke the radio silence, “the ship has passed, we are resuming course. Are you picking up any of their communications?”

The disembodied voice came back. “Roger, they are investigate but they do not appear to have detected you.

They are theorizing that an old water mine got detonated when the grand eel mistakenly ran in to it.”

Ven was happy to hear that, and she and Felix continued onward in the dark sea.

Roughly an hour and a half went by without incident when command came back on the line. “You are approaching the island, two miles out.” Ven was pleased.

After the encounter with the grand eel she would be happy to get out of the black water.

Soon enough she saw the ocean floor rising up to meet them, and they approached the beach.

There were a few small human villages on this side of the island, but the Arzat base was further inland. Luckily they still had enough night to hide as they dragged themselves out of the sea.


The northern islands were where Ven was born, but she’d never been to this one. Human’s weren’t allowed to travel at will and so she’d spent all her early youth without leaving her home village.

Unlike the forested island she grew up on, this island was more of a desert, with dry sandy ground, and small shrubs, but few trees. The nearest village was three miles north of them.

From there a road led to the Arzat military headquarters.

Approaching the village, Ven donned the holographic disguise. Suddenly she looked like a simple villager, wearing soiled rags and even missing a few teeth. Felix retained his optical camouflage.

The distortions would be hard enough to see at night, but during the day they’d be a problem.

A mile from the village they were stopped by an Arzat patrol. Two Arzat, driving a jeep like ground vehicle. Their hissing voices barked orders.

Ven raised her hands up, acting as though she was complying. Luckily Felix had been traveling off the trail to her side, and they hadn’t spotted him.

They were both dark in skin color, and their sharp teeth were yellowed with a few missing. They were obviously low level grunts. Probably thinking this would earn them some small praise.

The larger stepped out of the vehicle and walked toward Ven, his gun drawn. She still bore her disguise. It even covered the six inch blade she had pulled out.

Ven hadn’t been face to face with an Arzat since her youth, but this time she was trained, armed, and had backup.

As soon as the thing was in striking range her hand whipped forward stabbing the blade directly into its neck. It instantly slumped down in front of her.

Felix had circled round to the vehicle, and just as Ven killed the one, Felix reached forward and snapped the others neck.

“We better hide the vehicle.” Felix was all business, but then, so was Ven.

“Lets stick him back in and push it over that embankment.” She nodded to a steep cliff that would keep the vehicle from being easily found.

Between her synthetic muscle and Felix’ natural strength, they had no problem shoving it off the road, and in a few minutes they were back on their way to the village.

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