Not A Scratch
Not A Scratch poem stories
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mipoetCrawling in my skin.
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Not a scratch. Nor so much as a scrape.

Not A Scratch

Not a scratch.

Nor so much as a scrape.

If I start,

I’ll never escape.

The pull is to strong,

the pull of the knife.

Thank god for her.

Thank god for my wife.

She is too smart,

can’t hide what I do.

Libby my sweet,

I’ve stopped for you.

Stopping is hard.

Harder than blood.

Harder than marching,

through thick wet mud.

It’s easy to bleed.

To let it all out.

Can’t cry, can’t relax,

can’t even shout.

Trapped inside me.

Seeking an escape.

While inside my mind,

hope takes shape.

Hope for a better tomorrow.

Better than today.

Not fame or riches,

for happiness I pray.

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