No More Blood
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mipoet Insomniac
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No more cuts. No more scars.

No More Blood

No more cuts.

No more scars.

No more knives.

No more blood.

Emotions are a wall,

which I can walk through.

The cravings have left.

My soul is free.

I stood in the valley of death.

The place of despair,

where no light shines,

but for the faintest glimmer.

There my journey began.

The longest walk,

through the darkest night,

clinging only to hope.

When all seemed lost,

and darkness encroached,

I carried on,

and found my place.

I climbed the mountain,

to see the sun again.

There she was,

smiling back at me.

The weight began to lift,

the burdens eased.

The path ahead,

was easier to see.

I reached the end,

where I found another me,

and a beautiful world,

and a place to be.

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