No Fancy Purse
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mipoet Insomniac
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My wife doesn’t own a fancy purse.

No Fancy Purse

My wife doesn’t own a fancy purse.

She has a simple one.

She has a nice one.

But not a fancy one.

She only sometimes wears makeup.

She likes the outdoors,

and I like the indoors.

She rarely wears dresses.

And doesn’t own a hair dryer.

At least I don’t think.

She doesn’t cover her head in the rain.

She is not my delicate flower.

She is not a princess.

She is tough as nails.

Stronger than me.

A force to be reckoned with.

She’d fight a grizzly with bare hands,

if it endangered our kids.

She is loyal.

Not easily scared.

And definitely not squeamish.

She can do heavy lifting.

Isn’t scared of snakes.

But prefers that I squish spiders.

She is iron, wrapped in silk.

Often underestimated.

Always rising to a challenge.

I wouldn’t change her a bit.

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