My Kindred Spirits
My Kindred Spirits poem stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Thanks for being commaful!

My Kindred Spirits

by mipoet

Three days off the meds.

Not my choice.

An insurance snafu.

An acute anxiety attack,

holding on for two days.

Scared just to check messages.

I couldn't go to work.

Called in sick.

I've hidden from the world.

Even my pets,

are making me anxious,

with worry.

Even though,

they are fine.

My dreams are of blood.

Of knives and breathing.

But I'll not give in,

to these temptations.

I got my pills.

They're kicking in.

Thank the lord.

Still a bit of a struggle,

but I'm waking back up.

Becoming ready,

to face the world.

I'm still not there,

but I can reach out to you,

because Commaful is safe.

Even when I don't have,

my inner peace,

you all help me build it back up.

Thank you for that.

My kindred spirits.

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