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Dreams, that show glimpses, of the future.

My Dreams

Dreams, that show glimpses,

of the future.

Not sight.


How do I explain it?

Does it make me sound crazy,

to think that I feel the future?

Or are they just lies?

But they’ve been right before.

Maybe it’s my subconscious,

and maybe it’s just really on point.

But I cannot be that good.

Too many things, that have come.

Good and bad, happy, sad,

I’ve felt it many times in dreams.

Some are just that, but others,

I don’t know. Where oh where,

do the visions come from?

It’s an answer I don’t have,

but I hope for everyone,

that they keep coming true,

cause now many are good,

for so many people.

And if they are real,

that means there is more.

Oh the dreams in me,

thank you so much,

for helping me see.

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