Like A Fish
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mipoet Insomniac
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An insomniac stream of consciousness.

Like A Fish

Once again I should be sleeping.

Too much on my mind.

So I will write instead.

It’s better than cutting.

I haven’t cut in days.

Haven’t wanted to for a bit.

It’s nice,

not craving.

Uncommon for me.

I don’t know why.

But I will take it.

Keeping myself busy.

Watching my pet fish.

I love my fish.

Oh that I could be like a fish.

Floating, swimming.

At peace.

But I am me.

So I will just watch.

Making sure they are healthy.

And happy as can be.

I spend the night,

watching the nocturnal ones.

Writing, and playing games.

But not sleeping.

Every few days,

I just don’t sleep.

I’m stressed,

Home remodel gone terribly wrong.

Work is work.

My aunt is dying.

Anxiety and depression,

about death,

and its,


Sad thoughts.

That’s me.

I’ll survive.

I always survive.

That’s me too.

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