Let go, play in the snow
Let go, play in the snow forgiveness stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Let go, and feel better.

Let go, play in the snow

Let go of your anger. Forgive. If not for others, then for you. It gets you nothing, all the rage. It puts you inside your own cage.

Took me a long time to learn this, so I’m trying to pass it on. Anger consumes us. Kills your brain. It’s why we all feel so insane.

Forgiving somebody heals them, but here’s what’s true, it heals us too. It makes your pain go far away, You must listen to what I say.

Anger, pain, and anxiety, I have all of these things in spades, yet I’m learning to let them go. Beautiful, like new fallen snow.

It feels amazing to forgive, so I do it, asked for or not. Now instead of pain, I feel good. I wish that everybody could.

A world without anger, or fear, how incredible would that be? But the world we live in is real, can’t always control how we feel.

What we can do is try our best, to let love rule over our lives. I know that starts with letting go, playing in the beautiful snow.

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