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mipoetMy psychiatrist says he'd vote for me.
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Internet fish people are the worst. (Sy doesn't count!)

Internet Fish People

Internet fish people are the worst.

You see a question on a forum,

and you try to help out,

so you answer.

That was your mistake.

The fish people get angry.

Your answer was wrong.

You didn’t suggest,

a water change!

How dare you be wrong!

You trying to help jerk!

Get off the forum!

They have some small power,

and it goes to their heads,

it’s really quite ridiculous.

My questions are unanswered.

And now I know why that is.

Whoever dares answer,

will face troll retribution,

and get banned from the thread!

The greatest punishment!

So much for trying to help.

Now you know why I think,

internet fish people are the worst.

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