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mipoet Insomniac
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It’s a hard day to get up. It’s a hard day to move.

I Will

It’s a hard day to get up.

It’s a hard day to move.

I don’t even have to work.

Therapy, lots of that though.

DIalectical Behavioral,

known as DBT for short.

Homework to do, and more.

Returning to my job soon.

I am nervous, scared. Afraid.

Will I be able to handle it?

Will I fall in to old habits?

Will it be a battle, to get through?

Days like today are a battle.

Just to make the hour commute,

to spend the four hours,

group, psychiatrist, therapist.

Then I come home. Tired.

They say DBT is tiring.

So is depression. It’s hard.

I need to help around the house.

I need to go back to work.

Days like today I can’t imagine,

having the strength to do that.

But I know that I will go.

For my family's sake, I will.

And on a day like today,

DBT will follow work,

and I really will be tired.

I don’t know how some do it.

Going all the time.

What I’d give for energy.

But I do have willpower.

So I carry on ahead.

Slowly, but steadily,

I just keep going.

Work, therapy, kids.

These are my duties.

So I must manage.


I will.

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