Hating Myself
Hating Myself sad stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Urges and compulsion. Darkness is swooping in.

Hating Myself

Urges and compulsion.

Darkness is swooping in.

I hate myself so much.

In life I just can’t win.

My mind seeks to harm me.

By any means it can.

I cannot be perfect.

For I am just a man.

Under the microscope.

All of my flaws lay bare.

Brothers and sisters judge.

About me they don’t care.

They’re being vindictive,

about a past mistake.

Yet that is nothing new.

It’s the guilt I can’t take.

It is harder this time.

Because I did do wrong.

But not like they’re saying.

Self-loathing is so strong.

I’ve been told I should cut.

And that I deserve it.

Now I’m in the darkness.

Back in the deep black pit.

My grip is slipping loose.

I’d really like to fall.

To say all my goodbyes.

And then just end it all.

So much time with sorrow.

So much that I have cried.

I want to make things right.

And I had really tried.

I was told all was fine.

Apparently that’s a lie.

Instead they ambushed me.

And now I want to die.

Filled with anger and guilt.

Frustrated to my core.

My insides are hurting.

My soul is very sore.

This I have to live with.

Until it’s my last day.

Unpleasant emotions.

Every step of the way.

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