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Harley is an Oscar fish. He is very cranky.

Harley the Cranky Fish

Harley is an Oscar fish.

He is very cranky.

Harley liked living alone.

But he would tantrum.

Knock things over.

Tear up plants.

Refuse to eat.

He was supposed to be big.

But he stopped growing.

So he got roommates.

Two silver dollar fish.

He didn’t like them.

He was mean.

They were nice.

It was decided, they should go.

Instead, a Jack Dempsey fish.

Supposed to be tough.

Smaller than Harley.

The new fish hid.

But Harley wasn’t so mean.

And he started eating.

So new fish got a name.


But then, Harley got mean.


So Harley got to learn manners.

Ace and Max.

Two bigger Oscars.

Ace became boss.

Now Harley hid.

But we didn’t want him to hide.

So Ace and Max left.

Instead Baboo.

A smaller Oscar.

But Harley was mean to him too.

What a cranky fish.

So Baboo got his own tank.

And Harley got another roommate.

A bichir named Haku.

An eel like fish.

Also called a swamp dragon.

Harley was mean again.

But Haku popped him back.

Now Harley leaves him alone.

Harley, Spartan and Haku.

They mostly get along.

And now, he’s not so cranky.

Perhaps he’s just too busy.

There’s a moral to this tale.

Have good manners.

Because if you don’t,

your owner will bombard you,

with new roommates,

until you learn them.

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