Four months, no cuts.
Four months, no cuts. pain stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Four months, no cuts.

Four months, no cuts.

Four months with no cuts, I want to throw it all away. Go back inside that dark, for just one more day.

I have the craving for blood, Mine. Warm. Running down skin. The mental pain is so great, that I let the demons get in.

Like a ritual, I’d get my tools, find a spot, and cut right through, the physical pain I felt, well that was nothing new.

But the feeling in my head, as endorphins rush my brain, that’s the part I’m craving, it makes me feel insane.

I didn’t quit it for me, but for my kids and wife, it was threatening them, by threatening my life.

So I struggle with cravings, but, no matter, I will not quit. I’ve made too much progress. My mind can’t take the hit.

Today I will not make a mark, I’ll have to rely on my will, to help me make this trek, up the steep recovery hill.

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