Fatherhood sad stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Say what you will say of me, but I take care of my kids.


Say what you will say of me,

but I take care of my kids.

Two little boys who are wild,

they want for not but more toys.

They terrorize me daily,

with need and insanity.

No way I could love them more.

Benjamin is willowy,

and Drake is built like a tank.

Both will be handsome devils.

For now, they are young, helpless.

Despite the problems I have,

I’m proud of being a dad.

Something that I have done right.

And so I provide for them,

and I teach them right from wrong.

I have changed many diapers.

Gotten up in the wee hours.

Taken them to see doctors.

Walked beside to the bus stop.

Been waiting when they get off.

Time at the school, and cub scouts.

Fatherhood is sometimes fun,

but mostly it’s lots of work.

Work that’s always rewarding,

when you hear them say new words,

or see them trying new things.

Despite all the exhaustion.

I’d have it no other way.

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