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When will enough be enough. How many people will die in America from guns? Profanity warning!


When will enough be enough.

How many people will die in America from guns?

Last year, it was more than 14,000 deaths.

That's four times September 11th.

Every year.

Congress doesn't care,

about a single tear.

People are too scared,

of the big bad government,

coming for their guns.

It makes me want to scream.

I don't want your fucking guns.

But you don't need a god damned assault rifle either.

And the more you cling to them,

the crazier you look.

They'll blame video games,

mental health,

hell they're even blaming gay marriage,

(what percentage of shooter is gay by the way)

anything but the truth,

that young angry white men,

have access to one of the most deadly weapons ever.

We license people to drive a car.

We ban marijuana because it's not "safe."

But this religion of gun worship is insane.

If a Muslim kills it's the religions fault.

But a white man, he's just a single psycho.

Even when he spews the same hatred as the president.

Even when he targets the people that Trump vilifies.

Trump will not take blame.

He never takes blame.

He doesn't know responsibility.

He and his ilk are the sickness plaguing my home.

And it is MY home.

Don't you dare tell me to get out.

I was born here.

My family was here since before it was America.

So as far as I'm concerned,

I have every right to my opinion.

Just like you have every right to yours.

But your obsession with these weapons.

Your cowardice.

I am thirty seven.

I've never needed a gun to defend myself.

Not once.

But I've almost been shot. Twice.

Once by a drunk asshole with a gun.

Once by a jackass kid with one.

The bullet hit a foot to my left.

Neither person was trying to shoot.

They were just morons with deadly weapons.

There was the woman in walmart,

with a gun in her purse.

Her two year old shot her.

Now her life is over,

his life is ruined.

All because she was scared.

Fear makes us make bad choices.

So when I see Trump spout fear,

I cringe.

I didn't vote for the bastard.

But I still wanted him to be a good president.

He's not.

He's despicable.

He'll blame mental health,

but he won't make healthcare affordable.

He'll blame liberals.

But they're the ones getting shot most of the time.

He'll fuel hatred and racism.

And he is a russian puppet,

who lost the popular vote.

He is a child,

who never grew up.

I've avoided politics on commaful.

But I can't say nothing anymore.

Not when more and more people are dying.

Not when we're headed towards civil war.

You know there are people in this country who want that,

They actually want a civil fucking war.

They want death and destruction.

They'd rather see liberals die then get an opinion.

It's disgusting.

And the delusional conspiracy theories.

That this is all government funded to take your rifles.

Give me a fucking break.

You are the same people who think the government is so incompetent.

But you think they are capable of that.

I love all people.

I don't give a shit the color of your skin,

your religion, or sexuality.

Hell I don't care if your conservative.

You deserve life.

But I'm sick of gun worship.

I'm sick of you steamrolling the rest of us.

We are people god damnit.

I pity immigrants.

Fleeing war torn countries in desperation.

Trying for a better life,

only to be treated like vermin.

But listen to me please immigrants.

Don't come here.

I want you here.

But this country is screwed.

Go to Canada, or scandinavia.

But not here.

Because here will be war torn soon enough.

Don't flee explosions just to be shot.

I hope you find refuge.

One day, I may need it too.

So I have empathy for you.

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