Craving Blood
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***Trigger warning***
I want to mutilate myself. To cut deep scars in me.

Craving Blood

I want to mutilate myself.

To cut deep scars in me.

Over, and over again.

To feel the blood pour,

hot as it runs down me,

red, dark and thick.

I want pain, to suffer,

to hurt, to be hurt,

it makes me feel crazy.

And I suppose I am.

To want something,

like my own blood.

I think about crashing,

or somehow getting shot,

Anything to feel something.

Not to die, so much,

but to feel alive, to feel,

better than I do now.

That’s why I don’t crash,

why I don’t shoot myself,

I don’t really want to die.

But I don’t really want to live,

I don’t really feel alive.

I hurt so much inside.

Physical pain is better,

glorious relief in blood.

I mustn’t give in. But so hard.

A relief I’ve only found,

with a knife and flesh,

the craving is potent.

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