Children in Cages
Children in Cages sad stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Right now children suffer. Too many, too young,

Children in Cages

Right now children suffer.

Too many, too young,

ripped from parents hands.

The children are innocent.

They are just kids.

We all used to be one.

Fragile, developing.

But here we are now,

big, strong, full grown.

They deserve better.

My heart aches,

just to give them a hug.

We are better than this.

It’s a barbaric practice.

If children must be taken,

send them back to family.

Do not put them in a cage.

Do not pull them from mom,

at the end of a rifle.

They are humans.

Little, innocent, children.

They are suffering immensely,

and it’s not their fault.

Show them compassion,

as you would all children,

and those who suffer elsewhere.

Call for an end to this.

We all should agree,

that kids come first.

All kids.

All children.

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