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mipoet Insomniac
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What makes Commaful so great?

Be Nice

What makes Commaful so great?

Firstly, we're told when we make a comment to "be nice."

And let's be honest, that doesn't actually stop us from being mean.

But people listen.

They actually follow that simple rule.

The golden rule.

Be nice.

There are nasty trolls all over the web.

People who just want to fight.

But Commaful has very few,

at least from my experience.

Most people tend to leave a nice comment,

or a like, or they just move on.

But they don't sit there and criticize.

And sure we could all improve our writing,

sitting there critiquing every story.

But we've turned it into a safe space.

One where we all get to express ourselves,

without fear of attack.

And that's just beautiful.

Because some people need a place like that.

So for all my fellow writers out there.

Keep writing.

Keep posting.

Keep expressing yourself.

You rock!

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