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I asked people where they were from. I couldn't be more pleased by the results. Commaful truly reaches around the world!

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Birth Grants Pass, OR. Home, Cascade Locks, OR. USA. I have lived in Oregon my entire life and am proud of my home state.


Birmingham, West Midlands, England. We're home to England's 'ugliest accent', (yep, that's what they say to us!) and ME!

Bring on the Brums!


Baku, Azerbaijan is the place I was born and raised. Even though I love my hometown and proud of my culture, I have this undeniable feeling inside which connects me with the Earth and Universe.

So now I can say that I carry my home within wherever I get to live from now.


Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada! The only fun fact I know about my hometown is that it's Terry Fox's (if you are Canadian, you should know who that is) hometown, too.

:) This is a very interesting idea for a collaboration!


Central Appalachia, Virginia, US.

We have the reputation of being rednecks but it's not all that; I grew up in the mountains so I learned how to ski (snow & water) about the same time I started walking.

I love the forests of my home area but would love to go out west and check those out sometime.


Islamabad, Pakistan... err don't have state or province hehe.

I love it because well, why would anyone hate their home? Apart from the obvious love, it is the second most beautiful capital city in the world.

If my city was a person you would definitely hug it. Hahahahaha


New Delhi, Delhi, India. I was born in India and i am proud of being an Indian. I always tried to shine my country's name in whatever work i do.

Currently i am living in Singapore, and i am missing my home already!!


Thane, Maharashtra, India. So I love my country because why would I hate it? Heheheh...I live near by Mumbai which is an economic hub of our country.

So yeah the things sometimes become too costly hahahah still love to be a part of dream city 😁


Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

I recently moved to California and I'm homesick for the desert!😂 Las Vegas will always be my home. The Strip is the brightest place on earth when you look at it in outer space.

It's also where you lose all your money.



London... city of love, life and laughter

It’s bold it’s cold

It’s where I dream to grow old

It’s vibrant it’s pretty

The cosmopolitan city


Phoenix, Hellazona. U.S of A not Merica!

Land of the hot concrete

Shoes melting on the street

As you start to burn your feet

With every step you greet


Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. I am living here for the past 6 years, though I am from the capital city of West Bengal, Kolkata,India.

An interesting fact it is the birthplace of the rosogolla, a sweet made from spoilt milk and also Our Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. A Bengali is really proud of both!


Lisbon, Portugal! I've been living there for the past 6 years although I am originally from canada!

From my house you can be at the beach or up in the mountains within 15 mins and Lisbon was home to the poet Fernando Pessoa :)


Born in Marietta, Georgia, USA, lived in Smyrna (about 10 miles away) until 25.

Marietta was the home of Navia Ziraili Robinson, before she moved to Hollywood (as did I) and she has starred in various shows and movies, such as Raven's World, Being Mary Jane and Free Rein.


San Saba, Texas, a small town about 90 minutes northwest of Austin. SS is known as the Pecan Capital of the World. Everything here revolves around growing, harvesting, and selling pecans.

Our high school mascot is Armadillo, and we are the only school in Texas, possibly the country that has that mascot.


South East london. Everything revolves around us and north of the thames is terrifying.


city: port Harcourt, country: Nigeria, continent: Africa.

PHct (port Harcourt) located in the south south of Nigeria, consisting of the most diverse cultures in the nation.

with oil beneath our feet and rivers around us, we learn to walk smart because the street could eat you up... watch out! id be posting something about my city in due time.


Currently in Kolkata India, on a work trip , originally from tagaytay, Philippines. It is one the best place to stay with peace of mind.

If you wanna feel nature and no place would be better for a writer to inspire from.

So visit my home sometime


Coming out of McFarland, California! Its known for many things if you live around the area but if you don’t then you might have heard of it through Disney!

They made a movie about the cross country runners here. It’s also home to the Heartbeat of Agriculture! 💙✊🏼


U.K Channel Island of Jersey only 9x5 miles. Famous for Its Jersey cows. We are located 14 miles off the coast of France. We are independent but loyal to the crown.

We also have more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else on earth this includes Roman Abramavitch!


Hartford City, Indiana.. Indiana has great weather, and everybody in my town is very friendly, and welcoming. HAHA i don't really know what to say... We have A LOT of farmers.


Demerara,Guyana,South America...I was Born and grown in a third world developing country that was once ruled by the British.

Its also a Caribbean country along with being the only Native English speaking country in Latin America.

Recently oil was discovered in our waters near the borders of Venezuela,one of our continental neighbours.

It is a diverse country with six or more ethnicities, there has also been a huge boost to the population (which is still under a million ) due to the arrival of Venezuelans and Cubans,

and even Brazilians.


East Bank Essequibo, Guyana, South America. I am originally born in Suddie, Essequibo but I spent most of my childhood in Haiti.

It was not until when I came back to Guyana and became a tween I discovered my talent and passion for writing poems, songs and stories.


Ahmedabad, India...Well, I am only fourteen but this is a great place, at least for me.

I mean, sure, it is a lot noisy and crowded, but I love it that way! A great place for food and some really good things to see!


Papillion, Nebraska. A kind of nice place to live.

Boring and exciting, yet boring.

Recently moved out from my parents home and enjoying it, though I do get a little homesick.


lancaster, pennsylvania, usa. an amzing place! very welcoming of anyone and everyone. a very diverse place in gender, sexuality, religion, and ethnicity. a very old, yet modern small city.


Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire UK - in the middle of fields. Very flat. A BIG change from the London suburbs where I lived and worked until retirement.


Ft Myers, Florida, USA (But born and raised in Boynton Beach, Florida, about an hour north of Miami).

On the whole, I hate my state. We are a swing state, which means lots of conflicting ideals and morals everywhere. HOWEVER, the nature here is sublime.

We don't have mountains, our one draw back, but the west coast beaches are divine.

However, the bald cypress forests/ the swamps are by far my favorite ecosystem we have here simply because of the diversity in both plant and animal life!!


Austuria is home I have a peice of my heart in every state so I call the whole country my home


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