Am I an Artist?
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mipoet Insomniac
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Is this art? These words I put together.

Am I an Artist?

Is this art?

These words I put together.

I wonder and hope that it is.

I don’t make the words, the machine, or the language,

yet I combine them to make something beautiful.

Poems and poetry.

With too much sadness and pain.

But I share it all without hesitation,

dreaming dreams of adulation.

More than money or power,

I want to be remembered for my words.

They are my favorite talent.

Perhaps my only one.

These magical things that I write and say.

I hope that they help others, if only for a day.

But I’d like to be more than that.

Remembered for longer.

A fixture, a figure, a person of influence,

that I may use my powers for good.

So I write these words and I hope,

that someone of power will see their power,

and give me a chance to change the world.

Because I love the world and hate change.

So I will change the world with love.

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