A Winter Walk
A Winter Walk peaceful stories

mipoet Insomniac
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The air is cold. I can see my breath.

A Winter Walk

The air is cold.

I can see my breath.

White flakes fall,

beneath a gray sky.

Silence, but for a winter bird,

the crunch of my boots,

and breathing, heavy breathing.

It is a long walk, through deep snow.

Soon I hear children.

Laughing and playing.

Several build a snowman,

while one rides a sled,

down a steep hill.

He smiles the whole way down.

A brown dog approaches.

She lets out a solitary bark to say hello,

and runs to greet me.

I crouch down,

running my hands through warm brown fur.

She enjoys the attention.

The trees are green,

but glistening with icicles.

Houses sit in a neat row,

smoke puffing from chimneys.

Soon I will be home,

sitting in front of the fire,

sipping coffee, and reading a book.

Enjoying thoughts of winter time.

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