A Haiku Challenge
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mipoet Insomniac
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A Haiku collaboration! Thanks everyone!

A Haiku Challenge

The night air is cool. The cat jumps out the window. Adventuring late. @joshuaharestad

Frost lines the windows. Stealthily the cat ventures. Moving. Approaching. @in

A breath in the night. Dark currents fill the silence. Anticipation. @perryraster

Black fur blends with dark. A phantom, it spreads no fright. Green eyes reflect light. @vkpoetry

The snow to his wrists He jumped all along the road. Frozen, no food found. @magdalayney

Cold and shivering. He holds the light from within. He soon finds a fruit. @space_is_wide

Its taste is so new. Unfamiliarity, becomes his new norm. @katborealis

Dying of hunger, or so he’d have you believe. He eats the whole fruit. @joshuaharestad

His innocent eyes. Juice like blood drips from his lips. He doesn’t mean harm. @rowace

An observation. He senses a visitor. Friend or foe, unknown @genevieve

Silver shadows slip, as silent paws pad beneath, a sinister moon. @nomiddlename

So begins a game. An old game of cat and mouse. The night is witness. @anto_nia

Tiny little steps. Fear, injected to the mouse. Danger and horror. @dawnvalley

The mouse is afraid, yet with confidence it flees Hiding amongst trees @debatiyadutta

So it gets away. The cat returns to his home, to the full food bowl. @joshuaharestad

The End. Thank you to everyone for participating in this open collaboration! We will have to do another soon. I am pleased with how it turned out! Always wishing you the best! Joshua Harestad

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