A Beautiful Tree
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mipoet Insomniac
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When I die, don’t preserve me.

A Beautiful Tree

When I die,

don’t preserve me.

Nor put me in a casket.

Instead give me to the earth,

that my body may be food,

and nourishment,

for plants and animals.

That way my energy remains.

Divided. Distributed.

But alive.

When I die,

I will become many things,

and none will be me,

but I will be them.

Instead of a tombstone,

give me a tree.

A tree fertilized by me.

That’s not so bad,

and it brings great comfort,

when I feel scared of death.

Because I am not my body.

I am the energy inside it.

And my body may fail,

but energy is eternal.

So when I die,

don’t preserve me.

Instead let me be,

a big, and beautiful, tree.

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