A Bad Day
A Bad Day sad stories

mipoet Insomniac
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Today is a bad day. I hurt in a bad way.

A Bad Day

Today is a bad day.

I hurt in a bad way.

Craving to cut or smoke.

Even just one small toke.

It is not that I can’t.

It’s by choice that I shan't.

Today is just so tough.

I’ve been feeling so rough.

Therapy will soon end.

Real life around the bend.

The wagon, I stepped off.

I fell for that old cough.

Now I’m getting back in.

Long term it’ll be a win.

Yet today it is hard.

Like I drew a bad card.

Why do I have this curse?

This wound unseen to nurse?

Will I get over it?

Get out of this deep pit?

I am feeling so dumb.

Making emotions numb.

For they have to be felt.

And the feelings with dealt.

On this journey I’ve learned,

yet for peace I still yearned.

Life doesn’t work that way.

Just move forward each day.

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