Dramione-Bleeding love
Dramione-Bleeding love sex stories

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Dramione-Bleeding love

His expensive cologne was overpowering her will to hold back. She was desperate, desperate to just let go of all her problems.

Because of pansy parkinsons stupid prank the brains of the golden trio (Hermione granger) and the slytherin sex god (Draco Malfoy) were stuck in a room with nothing but a bed and the only way

to get out is to do -it-;).

This trap was made for pansy and Draco. But NO Hermione had to get stuck with Malfoy.

Within seconds they were kissing and Draco slowly lowered her body onto the bed. Secretly they were both enjoying it.

Hermione could feel her shirt getting unbuttoned. Soon Draco only had his dark grey jeans on and was on top of a completely naked Hermione.

Draco took his pants of and then they started to make love.

H-Oh Draco ugggg it feels so good Draco I love you.

H- Fuck it feels so g-good D- Now you know why they all me the slytherin sex god. H- Oh yes, Yes I do uggggg

Continued in next chapter. I post at least 5 timed in 7 days. BYEEEEE Love you Please like and follow. :*

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