Come inside me
Come inside me sex stories

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Draco and Hermione having sex

Come inside me

As soon as Draco malfoy locked the door I (Hermione Granger) took my top off revealing a beautiful hard and big pair of tits.

He smirked as he walked over to me and he kissed me while pushing me onto the bed.

He took of his shirt and pants now only in a pair of black boxers. He slowly removed my pants as he sucked my tits.

I could not help it anymore and I moaned. *Ugggggg*. I loved the feeling of his soft tongue on my nipples.

He then ripped my thong of revealing a well trimmed pussy. He also took his boxers of revealing a hard cock.

Before I new it his tongue was inside my pussy he was licking my clut. I could not hold back much longer and I yelled. OH *FUCK YES JUST LIKE THAT UGGGGG.* I was wet as hell he then put his dick on the outside of my pussy.

He then said. *May I enter?* I quickley responded. *Yes oh yes please do. * Without hesitation he put his cock inside my young tight pussy. I loved it. It felt so so so good. I then started moaning loudley.

He started humping his cock went in and out of me. Back and forth back and forth. He then took his cock out of of my pussy and sat down on the bed and said. *Come sit on my lap*. I smirked and crawled over to him and sat on his lap causing his hard dick to go inside me once again. He was bouncing up and down while sucking my tits.

He gave me 3 hickeys on my neck and one on my tits.

Watch next episode for more. BYEEEEE

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