Unrequited Love
Unrequited Love love stories
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mio Community member
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Just some bittersweet musings at 10 PM...

Unrequited Love

I watch your sleeping face from afar,

Pretending I wasn't when you open your eyes.

My friends tell me to give up,

"It's not worth your time," or so they say.

I know they mean well,

Yet my heart just can't help but want you in my life.

Why are you so perfect?

No other person shines like diamonds in my eyes.

So I ask you to meet me,

In classroom 103 in T building.

My courage is on a tightrope right now,

Begging for this moment to be over.

A pause,

"I like you".

Three simple words that echo sadly in the classroom.

You smile, ah, such a charming smile.. and a voice sweet as honey,

"I don't like you".

I don't remember much after that,

My friends asking what happened,

Tears rolling down my face,

Hitting the pavement like raindrops,

"I wish I'd never fallen in love with you".

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