Gang of gang Pt:1
      Gang of gang


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Two different gangs fight for a nasty mean gong

Gang of gang Pt:1

Y/n: Today is a brand new day.... Rose(sister): ever since mom and dad died you’ve been locked up in your room so u should rlly have fun and give it ur all at school.

Rose:Dont forget to take your lucky bear

Y/n: oh... um well I’m going to highschool and I don’t want to receive pity from people seeing a girl carrying a bear. Y/n: besides Im running late ima go now, bye Rose:Bye...(under her breath) this girl will never learn.

Teacher: class this is our new student I hope u can make her feel at home, she has gone through a lot and... Y/n: (mad)Thats enough, i hope no one has questions.

Teacher: well.., u can go sit in that desk(points where a quite guy is at) you will be his partner for the rest of the semester. Y/n:(walks quietly to the desk)

Y/n:(Im sitting next to this dumb bitch, why is he smiling)

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