Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 4
Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 4 stories
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Following the Battle of Endor's aftermath, a mysterious bounty hunter finds himself swept in the midst of the chaos. While pursuing what appears to be a simple 'snatch and grab' contract, turns into a galactic-wide odyssey. In this journey, not only does this hunter must contend with various threats and rivals but also the personal demons of his very soul.


Star Wars: Path of the Hunter, Part 4

Finally freed of the maze of alleys, Vilkas came across an entry to the district. It was a short tunnel connecting this neighborhood to his destination.

Relived Vilkas nevertheless kept himself to an sidewalk on the right, using the crashed speeders and the debris within its street as cover in case of ambush.

Getting closer, Vilkas suddenly heard the violent whistle of incoming shells aiming for his area.

With no spare time the bounty hunter dove for shelter in what appeared to be ruined shop in order to get out of the open.

The second he did so the rain of hell fell upon the street in all its fury. Vilkas went for the floor and stayed down as the bombardment persisted on for what seemed to be eternity.

His highly tuned ears were greatly deafen by this barrage and he held unto the ears with both hands in an vain attempt to make the pain stop.

Keeping his eyes shut, Vilkas winced each time the shells impacted close by, drilling more agony to his head. There was noting the bounty hunter can do to make it end.

Feeling helpless by this ordeal, a part of Vilkas panicked, wanting to just get up and run away from it all. Yet the lupine warrior began trying to resist the urge as best as he can.

All this threaten to drive Vilkas mad with panic. As much he believed in survival the fact that he was dealing with something so terrible that he can't fight back at unnerved him.

In order to calm himself Vilkas whispered a prayer in his native tongue.

[Great Tévas I plead for your aid, shield me from this storm of fire!]

He repeated his prayer again and again with the murderous shells shaking the very ground at an alarming rate.

Then it finally cease much to Vilkas's surprise and relief, getting up he turn around and saw the numbeous new caters in front of the shop.

After giving an silent offer of thanks to his chosen deity, Vilkas finally looked around this place he was in.

It's was actually a toy store but its contents conisted of torn up dolls, various glass pieces, and overturned shelfs.

Vilkas had been aware of the existence of such stores since wandering the galaxy.

Even so seeing one in this ruined and empty state of affairs was strange even disturbing. He had been surprised that people would buy these "toys" for their children from shops.

He believed it would be more special that such gifts be handcrafted within the child's family like it was done among his people.

Of course judging by what he had seen so far on these planets many people either don't have the skill, means, or even desire to do hand-crafting.

Instead they rather pay someone to sell the stuff to them, Vilkas cynically thought.

Just he was about to leave, the Wolfman saw one purplish doll beside his feet. It resemble a tooka cat but more cuter.

Looking at the object for a long moment, Vilkas for the strangest of reasons felt compelled to reach for it.

Squeaky sounds came from it once he took ahold of the thing, amusing Vilkas, it was the first time he had that feeling today.

Perhaps its adorableness will serve as a reminder to himself that there are some things good in this galaxy, he really needed an example right about now.

After he put it inside an pouch on his belt, Vilkas left the spot and went back to the direction for the tunnel.

The journey through the tunnel was proving uneventful to the say the least. With all things consider though, Vilkas was glad that he was making process.

Reaching one's goal should be what a person needs to aspire to do in life. But if that individual doesn't have a purpose then he or she should make one for themselves.

Otherwise they are without meaning and hope, making their lot noting more than a slow death.

It was one of the worst nightmares that Vilkas had was to be without purpose. Once as a member of his clan he strived to prove worthy to himself to it.

Now ever since as a bounty hunter he took on the profession's tasks as he did for his previous life.

For all of his achievements though, Vilkas knew he wasn't the most successful hunter, compare to others like Fett.

On top of that, Vilkas didn't want to die as a lonely wanderer. No when he meets his end one day, Vilkas wanted it to be for something worthy of the sacrifice.

Thinking such thoughts made Vilkas sigh, he sometimes wondered if such desires can be fulfilled in the face of the horrors that plagued all these worlds like Telos.

The light at the end of the tunnel, interrupted further thoughts on the subject and brought Vilkas back to the current reality.

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