Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.4
Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.4 stories

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Six months following the Battle of Endor, conflict rages on across the Galaxy, between the recently formed New Republic and the now struggling Empire. The crew of the Saber, a MC80 star cruiser find themselves heading a small task force into the frontier known as Wild Space. What was suppose to be a mop-up operation turns into a desperate fight of survival for the former rebels.


Star Wars: At Saber’s Edge Pt.4

From an inevitable victory to an outright disaster. Captain Tadian lowered his head for a moment, knowing he was accountable for this debacle.

He could only stand there, seemly motionless viewing out the widow.

Sparks ignited across the now damaged bridge and the whole ship shuddered with each enemy salvo bombarding the hull, yet the elderly captain kept his footing.

All around he can hear the staff updating the situation in tones filled with dismay and suppressed panic.

"Most of our turrets are gone."

"Bridge deflector shield is shot to hell."

"Sir hull breaches in sectors five, nine, three, and twelve."

"Engines failing!"

Tadian bowed his head again, ashamed of the massive blunder he had wrought. There was no way to salvage the mess, but to go out in a blaze of glory, fighting to the bitter end.

'Hopefully we take more of those terrorists with us by then.'

Subsequently, the captain spotted the junior officer he rebuked earlier, putting up a bolder front than before, watching through the viewpoint with growing despair.

Just looking at the frightened young man cut at the veteran's heart. It reminded him painfully of Serin, his fallen son. Walking toward him, Captain Oren Tadian then whispered.

"You don't need to die today ensign. Go, head for the escape pods, no one will stop you."

Stunned the ensign tried to protest but Tadian stopped him.

"That is an order."

Gluping nervousness down his throat, the junior officer finally complied and saluted the captain who returned the gesture proudly.

Tadian observed the boy go, moving briskly through the walkway and then turned a corner.

Satisfied he may have spared at least one life from this slaughter Captain Tadian focus back on the battle outside. Footsteps were heard behind him and he recognized who it was.

"Well done sir, you have given him a chance."

Commander Jader complimented, causing Tadian to sigh.

"Forgive this foolish old man Jader. As an commanding officer I had failed you all in my arrogance."

"With all due respect Captain, you're only human. I understand why you did it, but we can't alter that course now.

We'll see this through to the end whatever the outcome, just like you taught me."

Tadian sadly smiled at the last comment, remembering when Jader was first assigned to this ship. Glancing over his shoulder to Jader, he then confessed.

"You and the crew are the best personal that a captain can ever hope to have."

"It's been a privilege sir."

Commander Jader answered back, beaming with sadden pride. That expression grew into alarm however, when she looked at what's coming toward the bridge.

Turning back the captain bore witness to a flight of Y-wings, flanked on both sides by X-Wings in escort formation speeding right for them.

Some of the remaining turoslasers attempted to blast the attacking craft, but the rebels were too fast, evading the green themed barrage with ease.

All of the bombers then unleashed their payload of proton torpedoes in the last few seconds. Captain Tadian had only a moment to shut his eyes, accepting the fate now before him and whispered.

"At last I will embrace you again my son..."

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