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mintyfresh -Help relate-
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Its been almost a month since the HDA came to pick up all of the people left


Its been almost a month

since the HDA came to pick up all of the people left

Me and some kids from my school are here


They have a new plan

to take all of us to what they call the ¨cove¨

its a place where all of us can get along

but only because once you get in, the insert a chip to make all of your emotions go away

everything but joy, and when you get your emotions taken away, they give you a certain power






you become a trooper,

troopers are given deadly powers

their job is to find all of the people in hiding

my mum and dad

they were taken

I had a sister but

she didnt want to see the world like this

so when my parents left

she ran away

and well here i am

We have been in hiding for 4 weeks and well

its me

my friend collan

he is super smart so he comes up with all of our plans

summer, she has never liked me

but shes here

and this kid named james

hes super...buff

so he gets all of our needs

we stay at the school building and as james goes to ask what we all need

there is a knock

click on the glass

and stomping

knowing our time has come

as summer opens the door

all of us ready to attack

I see the door open

and there stands a trooper

but not any trooper


my sister

was she going to take us?

or would she save me?

she walks up to me whispers in my ear

and then

and there

I wanted to cry


sorry its not the best! it was just an idea i have had for a while, i would love to see someone else finish the story? thanks so much for reading

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