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mintyfox09 Sorry I was gone!
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
I mooooved, this is what happened..... yay

On my own

by mintyfox09

If you leave me here tonight

I promise you if someone comes I won't fight

Into the depths of the night

You won't see me morning light

If you leave me I'll be gone

Anyone can treat me like a little pawn

Even if this is bad for me

Who said you have to worry?

If you leave me, I take charge

After that I'll be at large

If you leave me I may die

I'll ignore your saddened cry

Because when I left, you didn't care

I moved away, and you fired at the wounded, you'd treat me like I had always just been a dare

A year later

A year later was all I needed

To realize it wasn't the puppy you feeded

Instead you gave care to the beast

I used to think what I had was a feast

Now I am on my own

And I think I like not being the drone

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