Random ENTP Thoughts...
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Random ENTP Thoughts...

by mintchippoodle (Updated frequently)

What if....

Fingers were just mini extensions growing out of our arms?

People: Why are you so quiet?

Me: I chose not to pollute the silence by having useless noise emanating from my mouth.

Annoying Kid: You're such a weirdo.

Me: It takes a professional one to know one.

I wonder....

What would an American accent sound like to people around the world while we are speaking their language?

What if...

Your favorite fictional character came over to your house as a foreign exchange student?

When a worker at a seafood restaurant tries to quit working,

Do the other employees sing "Under the Sea" to try and get them to stay?

I'll be updating as I have more crazy thoughts and comebacks

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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You are as cute as a bugs ear. This was a clever and entertaining post. I could answer some of those questions but that would spoil the fun of discovering them yourself. Great post!!!!!