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mintchippoodle FANGIRLLLLLLLL, ENTP, Wattpad Writer.
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Just an original inspirational quote for those tougher days. :0P

Original Inspirational Quote

by mintchippoodle

"Don't let people tell you who to be,

it's who you truly are that counts most.

Stick to your morals.

If anyone pushes you down because of them, stand up, brush the dirt off, and keep on going.

Don't live your life to impress.

Some people may not be quite fond of you, but you know what?

Who cares?! Nobody is perfect! You don't wake up everyday to impress people. You live to express who you are to others. If they don't like it, so be it! You don't need the haters anyway!

Say what you want to say and be bold about it.

If someone is mean to you, so what?! Remember, there might be someone out there who also wants to show their own self, but is afraid of being judged.

Be that role model everyone looks up to.

So do I care that I'm not popular because I'm competitive?


Do I care that I'm called nerd/emo because of how I dress?

Not at all.

Because that's not what matters.

It's who you are inside and how you handle tough situations that truly counts.

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