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mintchippoodle FANGIRLLLLLLLL, ENTP, Wattpad Writer.
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My sister is awesome < 3

My Sister

by mintchippoodle

My sister has always been there for me.

She's one of the few I can trust with my deepest secrets.

We can fangirl together without each other judging.

DC comics, Marvel, TOP, FOB, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Sherlock, Star Wars, etc.

We help each other with parental arguments.

Or we just say it'll be ok and pat each other on the back with a broom. We have a special sisterly bond like that.

Sure, we may butt heads once in a while...

But how can you be sisters if you don't disagree once in a while?

But no matter what, we always will support each other.

We will always forgive, and laugh at all of our stupid inside jokes. We will always be there to tell each other that we're there for each other. Even when things get tough.

Sure, I may have a sister biologically...

but the person I'm referring to is my sister from another mother. Otherwise known as my best friend. But I don't refer to her as a friend. I refer to her as a sister. That's how special she is.

Thanks so much for being there for me sis! <3

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