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mintchippoodleFANGIRLLLLLLLL, ENTP, Wattpad Writer.
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A memoir. Hope you enjoy!

Just Imagine This...

by mintchippoodle

You are a seventh grader.

It's a normal day, and you're walking through the halls at school. Walking to your next class, the last class of the day.

The school day ticks by,

And you finally are being driven home by your mom.

A phone call comes through

and your mom takes the call. You cannot help but wonder who or what she is talking about, even though she doesn't say much.

By the time she's off the phone, she's crying.

"Who was it?" you ask. "It was the hospital. Dad cannot walk, stand, or think very clearly." You can barely decipher what she is saying through her sobbing,

You all go to the hospital to visit your dad.

When you walk into the barren hospital room, you see your dad. He looks weak, tired, and out of strength. You shift your gaze to the two IV's penetrating his arm, and the pulse clip.

You asked your dad what happened...

He said they didn't know. They didn't know what he had, what was causing it, or if he'd get better.

Now stop imagining, because this is my reality.

My father is now able to walk, but he cannot go to work because of his cognitive functions. However, this has brought us all closer to each other as a family.

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@bernardtwindwil Thank you so much!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
7 months agoReply
Your writing is amazing. You described the scenes picture perfect. I know because I have been where your dad is. I was finally diagnosed with polymyositis. I can walk and my cognitive functions are back. My best regard to your father and your family and a great big hug for you. At least, I was 62 years old and retired and my sons were on their own. It is hard for me to accept. I was always the tower of strength. Now I try to exercise that strength for good here on commaful. Great post!!!!!