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What's my problem?


You came next to me and sat... and it is when my heart started beating Fast.

the smell of your perfume brought back some memories...memories of how to love.

Then your first words you told me made me feel alive..." Hey, what's up girl?" you said with a tone that made my heart skip a bit.

I avoided being around you since then to forget you, but each time I hear your name said by a girl I fell pain...

I wasn't shocked because it's not the first time this is happening.

Each day I thought you are nothing, I missed being around you.

And everything I hate about you made me fall in love with you more...and more... and more...

You kept playing with my feelings like it is a ball and shattering my soul but I couldn't stay away..

I was like the bug and you were like the light who kept attracting me to my death.

Then that day came... and you kissed me!

That meant the world to me while you said " It's a stupid mistake. Ya betta not overthink about it 'cause I am not into ya at all!"

"Stupid...Mistake " I couldn't feel anything except shock! and I felt all my world is collapsing around me and I couldn't do anything...

And without thinking twice, I said with a cold tone " loving you is the only mistake I can see here" and I left him.

I knew it will happen someday...

and here I am,

ended up loving the wrong person again...

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