The 1,000 Year Old Man (Chapter Two: The Letter)
The 1,000 Year Old Man (Chapter Two: The Letter) the 1000 year old man stories

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When Gabriel receives a letter from someone called 'Messenger' who claims to be able to end a cycle, he sets out to find them.

The 1,000 Year Old Man (Chapter Two: The Letter)

The knock on the door started it.

I open the door to see my landlord, Sophie.

Each day she knocks on my door and tells me this. And I tell her what happened the last time I socialized.

The last time, I kept on comparing everyone to people and made everyone feel uncomfortable. Ever since then, I learned the names of people just from Sophie.

This morning, however, Sophie holds out a letter.

"Someone told me to give this to you. They also told me that they are non-binary, and they don't want you to mess up the pronouns." Sophie says. I take the letter.

I open the letter.

Gabriel, I know how you feel, I truly do. You've watched everyone you love die in front of you. I know how to end the cycle. Meet me at 390 Atteberry St. - Messenger


I step off the bus, my mind full of questions. What is this cycle? Who is the messenger? What is going on?

Nobody goes around this area. It is deserted and filthy, littered with graffiti and soda cans.


I turn around and see a hooded figure.

"Are you Gabriel?" They ask. Their voice is calm and toneless.

I nod. "Who are you?"

"I am the messenger." They respond. "And don't distract us from the reason we are here. We are here to talk about you."

"You want to end this." The messenger says. "You want to rest. I am the same. I have seen everything. And today, I have found out a way to end it."

To be continued...

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