Mommy, do you still love me ?
Mommy, do you still love me ? mommy stories

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Does mommy not love me anymore ?

Mommy, do you still love me ?

Mommy, do you still love me ?

You always told me that I am the most important person in your life and that you wouldn't need anything else.

You always told me that you would never leave me alone and would always protect me.

You always told me that there is nothing as precious as me.

But mommy, your eyes have long forgotten to shine how they used to

And even your mouth has forgotten to smile every time I would be near you.

Your hands have gotten cold and even if I tried to hug you, your embraces are suddenly so cold.

Nowadays your eyes stare into my soul and you bare your teeth at me whenever I look at you.

Am I not enough anymore ?

What did I do wrong ?

I don't understand what has happened to you but I still love you mommy and I will always love you.

I will never leave you alone again.

I learned from my mistakes and I would love if you'd stop looking at me like this.

With that ice-cold stare. It is making me go insane and I don't want to go insane anymore.

I don't like it because every time I go insane and have a blackout you just run away from me and disappear and every single time I take you back home you act like you have never seen me before.

I would take you to a hospital but I don't want them to take you away from me,

so I'm sorry if you don't like to be chained to the bed but it's the only way I can make sure that you don't run away and trip over the corpses in the hallway.

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