Limitless? What's that?
Limitless? What's that? feelings stories

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A disappointed individual confronts the one responsible for it

Limitless? What's that?

"I never thought I'd say this to you of all people. I didn't even once consider that you'd be hearing this from me. But you're weak. So weak.

You used to be able to overcome anything and everything life threw at your face, and now? You are sad for existing in this reality?

I don't know what changed you and I'm sure as hell not going to sit and find out. Limitless? That's what you said you are? Resilient? There's no one more resilient than you? Please...

Now you can't even endure your mother's lectures without feeling like a disappointment? Is this how you will move on with life? Wait no, are you even going to try?

The way I see you now you can't do shit. Is there even anything you're good at? Not even the things you like? Pathetic.

What happened to "I will make myself known!"? To "I want to be remembered!"? Is that over? You're going to settle? I don't like that. I don't like the way you think anymore.

You aren't fit to do anything in your current situation. Maybe you were right for settling, because I can't see you out there.

How could you ever be someone significant? You can't even sit down and deal with problems you've dealt with numerous times before.

You used to be able to maneuver your way out of every situation? What happened now? Out of luck, are we perhaps? Or maybe you don't feel like putting an effort into that anymore.

Yeah, sit down and accept everything that comes your way. Better be your own life's doormat, right? Maybe one day you will feel better, get up and do something useful.

Because let's be real here, you aren't going anywhere in your current state. Hell, you aren't even moving at all! You've deeply disappointed me.

It's not that I used to think so high of you, no... But there was one thing that you had which I always admired and now you don't know if it's there, if it's not...

You've lost all contact with it and I don't know what the possibilities of you fixing it are. You let me down again but not like you did in the past.

This is a whole new level of low you just reached. I wish you do something about that because I'm not the only one you're disappointing... I can't even look at you anymore..."

They closed their eyes and their reflection was finally out of their sight.

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