Utopian Glitch Introduction
Utopian Glitch Introduction utopia to dystopia stories

mini_mako Welcome to my page. Hope you enjoy!
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Welcome to Utopian Glitch. A chaotic world full of power hungry leaders. You will be reading in the perspective of Experiment 13-1-10-15 or Mako for short. You'll get to see and maybe choose first had which path they choose to go. Will they save humanity, or be the death of it?

By: Me

Utopian Glitch Introduction

by Me

It's 3028 when the world lived peacefully within a Utopia. No crimes had been committed and no one was different. Everyone was finally equal.

That was until the government decided to start an experiment on its people.

They released a toxin into the air that had traveled all around the world, having been sure that the toxin they had created would hold no negative effects but they were wrong.

The toxin that had been released had a strange effect on those who inhaled it.

Intake of this toxin would cause a person to gain an ability which corresponds to their eye color, scientists labeled those affected as 'The Glitched'.

There was also a rare chance for new eye colors to be developed, which caused scientists to create a new label. They called these people...

'The Unknown' Soon after, scientists found that there are those who were unaffected by the toxin which they labeled as 'The Immune'.

With their original plan had been unsuccessful, scientists created Experiment 13-1-10-15 aka 'Mako'.

'Mako' would exterminate those who they encountered who had special abilities so that scientists may repopulate the world with 'The Immune'.

The only question is, how do you think this story will end Reader?

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