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minedsweeper heavy heart
Autoplay OFF   •   3 years ago
got a tarot reading today and i’m so blessed to see summer and also feel like summer within.

the star / the world

just wait. inner peace is on its way. remain thankful. following my divine path, dancing.. i sway.

at times when i feel rough around the edges... like i’m about to reach my limit, i think about what lights my fire and how i shan’t ever dim it.

so when fear, hatred, and sadness create a filter over my eyes... i ask of myself and all of my angels to sever these ties. this disguise. that only lies.

i will soon come to realize i am my own demise. how can i build a temple out of myself when i’m the faulty contractor. i will build and cry my salty cries. i will pull out this trauma out of me like a mediocre magic trick.

my minds creating filler episodes that make the plot juicier. i’m on my way to the next act. i know someone’s being born

can’t wait to greet her in the mirror soon. i love YOU!

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