Stardust shortstory stories

minamcbina Weird. Writer. Poet.
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Stardust is only found when no one is actually searching.


I found you in a place that no one dared look. Because who could find stardust in an alley-way?

I find you in places that no one would ever reside. Because who could find stardust in my heart?

It was the first day of May when I was walking home, and I spotted a glimmering light far off, in that filthy alley-way a block from my house.

Mom told me never to approach the alley because there were always foul things lurking there. But when I saw that light, I followed it into a dark oblivion. No one else saw the stardust except me.

On the first day of June, when I convinced myself it was all a dream, I saw that same glint smile at me. A smile so bright, I was blinded.

Mom told me never to trust a smile full of beauty, eyes that shimmer like gold. Mom told me that those straight teeth and ruddy cheeks were only an illusion.

That deep down inside was blackness. Evil. But I was already slipping into those golden eyes, that I didn't listen.

And now the only place I can find stardust is in my broken heart.

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