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The Truth Hurts

I feel....

I feel like I swallowed a pill with no water to help it go down

The lump in my throat is slowly getting bigger

I never should've asked for the truth

I never should've been selfish

But the heart wants what is wants

The words that slipped so easily out of your mouth,

"I never loved you, never had and never will"

Like they say, "the truth is hard to swallow"

I feel like you could've apologized

You saw the tears in my eyes

Heard the gasps in my breath


Yet you stood there , angry

Yelling and cursing at me for things I haven't done

I shouldn't've apologized to you

I did nothing wrong to you

Yet you think I did

I feel like I shouldn't have been here

I wouldn't have been hurt

Would've been safe

But even then... I would've felt like I would have needed you in another life... Like I need you now

Minji Written June 21, 2018 Originally posted on Positive Help Amino

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