Eldritch thoughts

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mimism Just look at my name!
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Accidentally shared this as 'Anon' cos' i didn't have an account then!
synopsis; The weird things that go through my head at night!

Eldritch thoughts

As I lay contemplating in my bed eldritch thoughts fill my head-like whats to happen when I am dead?

Will I be destined for heaven..Or banished to Hell? No Mere Mortal could ever tell.

Will i Feast on happy memories? Friend or foe- Will you remember me?

Royal,Royal Undead queen? Beheaded on a guillotine. Will I reign or will I cower? Since the shadow of death destroyed my power.

Homicide or illness- Purposeful or not. Humans will leave me in my grave to rot.

But i should stop thinking, should go to bed should turn off the lights inside my head. But just listen to what i apply; what if in my sleep i decide to... Die!

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