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Stay with me, Hold me, while time weakens the wall between us and the rest of the world...


Stay with me,

Hold me

While time weakens the wall between us and the rest of the world

The wall we put up when things get too much

When things get too real

When it hits us - just how fucked up things really are

That our planet is steaming away like a dumpling

That our forests are dissolving as if rained on by acid

That our sandy shorelines are being drowned

That our lives are dictated by those who don't what it is to live

That we never get a say, even though we scream and scream and scream

For a moment longer, let's pretend we have names, that we're more than numbers

let's pretend we have futures of green grass, blue skies, and warm beds

let's pretend we'll have six children, four dogs, two bunnies and a cat

Let's pretend that when we wake tomorrow things will be better

We'll be able to start over, try this thing called 'life' again

Let's pretend that hope will no longer only be for those who can buy it

Let's pretend, and pretend and pretend

We only have a little longer, this time for just you and me

Then you must return to the factory

And I must return to the shop

We will return to our lives, to the way things really are

You will tell me to be strong

I will tell you I love you

Then tomorrow we will meet again, just as we did today, same time, same place

Our haven

Our place to pretend

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