To Julian
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A poem about the importance of verbal communication in a relationship.


To Julian

Hear me my love: As a man, I can do many things, But I can’t read minds.

I can tell a few things from your body language.

I can deduce a few more from the countenance of your face, But I still can’t read minds.

Your Heart, your Mind, and your lovely Mouth − These are the three pillars of our love.

Your Heart is safely guarded by your ribs and your pleasing bosom, But it was not moving mountains to get to it and win you.

Now that we are together, My battle, day and night, is to keep your Heart pumping love for me - Me alone,

And to make sure I shine brighter than any other man out there, Who may try to steal your Heart away from me.

Your Mind, however, is guarded by a thick and hard skull; It’s surrounded by bone itself on every side And it’s moving a mountain to try knowing what it houses inside,

But I try as hard as I can to stay in your good graces And remain the only man you love in your Mind too.

Sometimes I do just fine; sometimes I do badly, But through it all, I mean well,

Because I love you - You alone. At least for now.

But who knows you better than you? Who knows the secret way to the heart better than the one carrying it?

So, I humble myself today love And beg you to always let me know what’s in your Mind:

What I should stop doing at once And what I should never cease to do day and night, For I can’t read minds and I can’t know when I err against you.

If you let me know the path to your Heart And if you tell me always what's in your Mind By simply opening your Mouth,

Then I promise to try and drop what you ask me to, So that I may straighten my path to your Heart

And sooner or later, I shall know a greater portion of what your Mind desires of me And you will be happy all your days with me,

Because you would have helped me by word of your Mouth To know and love you better, Knowing that your man can’t read minds.

But if you decide to keep your Mouth shut And don’t let me know what lingers in your Mind,

Concerning the things I do that disturb you And the things I don’t do that trouble your Heart,

Assuming that as a grown man I should know and discern it by myself And by so doing, find my own way to your Heart, In this dark place where I have no lamp,

That comes in the form of the word of your Mouth, Because your Mind chose not to,

Then trust me, sweetheart: Sooner rather than later, we shall grow apart And when we can’t stand each other, Because I can’t please you anymore

And don’t know what you want And you despise me a lot - We shall part ways: we shall be over

And our love shall be that book on the shelf, That old and dusty book nobody ever reads anymore, Because I couldn’t read your Mind to know what you wanted.

And to think we could be drowning in love all the days of our lives Until the days when we would go on threes, or on all fours,

Until cataracts fill our eyes And we see nothing clearly but our pure love,

Until our bodies couldn’t get warm on their own, Except when we would cuddle each other at night

And love would warm us from the inside out, Burning inside out with the strength of that first flame, That flame you would have helped me to keep raging in you always,

And always we would sleep on our bed With a smile of satisfaction upon our faces.

If only you would know before we part ways:

To get to your Heart, I need your Help, Simply by word of your Mouth, Because I can’t read your Mind.


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